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ALUMINUM 426 HEMI HEADS Original Looks, Superior Quality and Power
Intake Seats: 2.25",Exhaust Seats: 1.900",
Chamber Volume: 168 cc

10 bolt or stock 16 bolt intake manifold pattern configuration. Stock low exhaust port or raised port. Stock or aftermarket exhaust manifold/header bolt patterns available. Stock dimension (smaller) intake port openings available on special order. Machine heads for dual spark plugs for enhanced ignition and increased engine setback where rules apply.

If you are building a high output motor based on an original or aftermarket 426 Hemi-type block, these are the heads for you! Sharing the larger-than-stock intake ports with our popular Hemi Conversion castings. These customs heads are capable of supporting as much power as you can build around them. In fact, a set of these heads were on "King of Speed" Al Teague's Speed-O-Motive Bonneville streamliner when it set the FIA world record for top speed by a wheel-driven vehicle (409-plus m.p.h. average with a 433 m.p.h. exit speed), a record which still stands.

All Stock Hemi parts interchange and the original look has been maintained. Not legal for use in NHRA Stock or Super Stock competition. Typical applications include, muscle car restorations, sprint cars, ski boats, tractor pulling, hot street cars and drag racing where rules don't require "factory original" parts.

If you are restoring a vintage Street Hemi powered Mopar but don't yet have an engine, consider these aluminum heads as an alternative to worn out used parts. Stage V heads look just like what originally came on your Street Hemi. Just spary'em orange and nobody will be the wiser...until you start blowing off all the other restored Hemi cars in town.

The optional raised exhaust ports offer exception gains in breathing when camshafts with over .650 lift are used. For those with an appreciation for the exotic, we can activate the second spark plug hole. Can be ready to run with valve job and street porting.

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