Products Specials




Std valve angle:
Int Valve Standard: 2.250" x Exh Valve: 1.900"
Chamber Vol: 168 cc
We use a longer than stock intake valve to accomodate taller springs.


Standard Stainess Valves only.
Standard 16-bolt or vertical 6-bolt intake manifold bolt pattern configuration.
Stock low exh port or raised exh port.
Head bolt size, All drilled for 9/16", 1/2" Nutseats available.
Single or Dual spark plug versions.
Stainless steel exh guides and chrome-moly int guides are recommended.
Copper alloy valve seats available.

If you are building a NHRA blown alcohol car or Top Fuel car and are looking for Billet cylinder heads, call our friends at Brad Anderson Enterprises, or Alan Johnson Performance, or Ken Veney Industries.

Our intention is to supply a head for the racer that previously used our 1/2 solid Cast Aluminum water jacketed Hemi head. These race cars tend to be in the class of "Family Fun" drag racing. CIFCA would be a good example. In the past some of these racers used "trickle down" used billet heads from the pro teams. Our heads can use stainless valves which reduce the operating cost of racing.

The heads are even available for those who need the stock hemi exhaust flange and bolt pattern. The heads come fully CNC ported with seats and guides installed. Most automotive shops can perform the valve seat work.