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Turn Your Wedge Into a Hemi

440 head assembly assembled engine


Int Valve: 2.25" x Exh Valve: 1.90"-1.94",
Chamber Vol: 168 cc Std valve angle


Standard 16-bolt intake manifold pattern configuration, or 16-6 patterns. Stock low exh port for off-the-shelf hemi headers used with "Elephant-Ears" engine mounts mandatory. Raised exh port for using stock 440 wedge motor mounts and custom headers.

Since 1986, people the world over have enjoyed affordable Hemi power thanks to the Stage V wedge-to-Hemi Conversion heads. Based on inexpensive yet extremely rugged 440 wedge block, the Stage V Hemi Conversion motor offers an alternative the original 426 Hemi. A few simple block modifications using common hand tools are all it takes to build a hemi engine using a wedge block. Back in 1986 when the idea was first launched it was because of the scarcity of iron blocks. Now years later, the hemi blocks are once again hard to find, especially at a reasonable price.

Stage V Conversion heads start out as foundry castings which incorporate numerous revisions allowing them to be used on any B or RB wedge block. The stock outward appearance has been preserved for those with an interest in getting the impressive good looks of an actual Hemi. The Conversion engine uses hemi pistons, hemi camshafts etc. We now offer an intake manifold that allows you to build a low-deck 383 or 400 hemi engine.

Made from a superior grade of aluminum C355-T6 which is 21% stronger than 356 commonly used in other aftermarket heads. The Conversion engines have proven to be extremely reliable and an engine you can enjoy to abuse, worry free. Specific Stage V Hemi Conversion rocker arms, shafts and stands are required, along with some necessary support items.