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Intake Seats: 2.25", Exhaust Seats: 1.900",
Chamber Volume: 168 cc

10 bolt intake manifold pattern or stock 16 bolt configuration. Stock low exhaust port or raised port. Stock or aftermarket exhaust manifold/header bolt patterns available.

Since 1986, people the world over have enjoyed affordable Hemi power thanks to the Stage V wedge-to-Hemi Conversion heads. Based on inexpensive yet extremely rugged 440 wedge block, the Stage V Hemi Conversion motor offers more power than the original 426 Hemi while costing thousands less. A few simple block modifications using common hand tools are all it takes to bolt these high flowing Hemi heads to any wedge block.

Stage V Conversion heads start out as foundry fresh castings which incorporate numerous revisions allowing them to be used on any B or RB wedge block. The stock outward appearance has been preserved for those with an interest in getting the impressive good looks of an actual Hemi. But inside, our Conversion heads feature improved ports which will out flow any similarly prepared 426 Hemi head. It's the best of all worlds original looks, low cost and better performance.

The intake port openings on all Conversion heads are 10% large than stock for enhanced breathing and stock Hemi manifolds bolt right on. The increased intake port dimensions allow the engine builder to enlarge the intake manifold runners to match if maximum output is desired.

All Stage V Conversion heads accept 2.25" intake valves and 1.900" exhaust valves. The smaller exhaust valves are proven to flow more air than the stock 1.94" unit. Also chances of valve-to-valve contact during overlap with radical cams is greatly reduced. Although the head appears to be able to accept dual spark plugs, the repositioned exhaust rocker shaft specific to Conversion heads prevents the use of dual plugs. Besides, unless you are running blown fuel, dual plugs do little more than add to expense and complexity.

Specific Stage V Hemi Conversion rocker arms and stands are required, along with some necessary support items.

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