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Valve Covers

Aluminum Single Plug Hemi Polished

Aluminum Single Plug Hemi Finned, Black Wrinkle Powdercoated

Aluminum Single Plug Hemi Dual Tube Black Wrinkle Powdercoated

Aluminum Single Plug Hemi Black Wrinkle Powdercoated

Give your Hemi classic hot rod looks by installing a set of these polished valve covers. Our aluminum polished covers are very durable and in the event of accidental abrasions, spot repairs are a simple matter of sanding, Scotch-Brite buffing and a quick swipe with some polishing compound. Long lasting sheen requires minimal maintenance.

Option: a single stainless steel oil fill tube (as shown) can be installed to each cover for an additional fee.

Our aluminum valve cover has the same general appearance as a 1966-’69 tin street Hemi valve cover, but with a much higher level of quality. Comes in aluminum with an extremely durable semi-flat black wrinkle powder coating. Powder coating is much tougher than paint and will resist scratches, brake fluid, gasoline and rough handling while maintaining the look of an original Street Hemi. Each cover comes without an oil fill tube, also logo can be omitted.

Rockers Arms

Maximum Strength and Light Weight
For Hemis Only is happy to announce that our Stage V rocker tooling and production has sold to Manton Racing. Manton is renowned for their Top Fuel and Blown Alcohol valvetrain components. Rockers can be purchased directly from Manton or FHO.


All Stage V intake and exhaust rocker arms are made from investment 17-4 stainless steel which has 190,000 psi tensile strength in all directions, which is better than billet steel that has only 180,000 psi tensile strength in the strongest direction and only 70% of that when load is applied 90 degrees to the grain flow. Stage V rockers have full strength in all directions making them significantly stronger than any competing rocker arm from any manufacturer.

All Stage V intake and exhaust rockers feature roller tips which reduce side loading forces on the valves. When stock scrubber-type rockers are used, friction between the rocker pad and valve tip preloads the valves to the extent that the valve heads do not seal on the seats immediately during compression. This allows cylinder pressure to bleed off and effectively increases cam duration, robbing power. Roller tips eliminate the problem while also reducing valve guide wear. All of our rocker arms feature carburized alloy steel rollers and carburized steel pins which are riveted in place. Since 1986, we have never had a roller or pin failure in any application from street to Top Fuel.

During the manufacturing process, we bore each rocker arm to a very precise #16 microfinish. This takes about ten times as long as the competition’s process. The result however is a very smooth bore which fully supports the bronze wear bushing after it is pressed into place. In competing rockers, the bores are left very rough causing the bronze bushings to quickly ooze into the irregular surface during engines operation. This compromises the precise fit between the rocker arm and rocker shaft leading to accelerated wear.

All Stage V rocker arms are equipped with pressed-in bronze bushings honed to a very precise +/-.0001 tolerance. All Stage V rocker arms are rough honed then finish honed in a three step process which ensures a true bore for a perfect fit on your motor.

Stage V intake rockers are available with optional ratios at no extra cost. The standard ratio is 1.6, with 1.7 being the alternative for those seeking an increase of .030 to .040 effective valve lift without switching cams.

All Stage V Hemi intake and exhaust rocker arms feature an attractive gray sandblast finish. The tops of the beam surfaces are polished to a mirror sheen and Stage V logos are either in engraved or raised and highlighted. Many customers comment that these parts are too nice to hide under a valve cover. This appearance treatment is standard on all Stage V rocker arms.

Stage V intake and exhaust rocker arms are the lightest yet strongest parts available from any source. Our radical new tubular Severe Duty ER-3TA and Top Fuel ER-6TF exhaust rockers are 30% lighter than the billet steel parts available from our closest competitor while strength is second to none.

The ER-6TF Top Fuel exhuast rocker arm comes standard with large 7/16″ adjuster holes for the extra measure of strength needed in Top Fuel drag racing applications. All other Stage V intake and exhaust rockers come standard with 3/8″ adjuster holes, although customers can specify an upgrade to 7/16″ adjuster holes.

All Stage V intake and exhaust rocker arms are completely rebuildable. In supercharged alcohol and fuel applications, tune-up mishaps and extreme loading can cause roller damage and accelerated bushing wear. This can be reversed quickly and economically by pressing out the old parts and replacing with new. Stock-type scrubber rocker arms on the other hand are much more expensive, if not impossible to repair if the tips are damaged.

Intake Manifolds

EFI 426 Hemi Manifold
(Rails not included)

426 Hemi Blower Manifold
AJ,BAE,BAE97,Early BAE,STD+.100"Tall

426 Hemi 2-4BBL Manifold 2 Holleys or 2 Carters

383 Hemi 2-4BBL Manifold 2 Holleys or 2 Carters

Tech Sheets

Head Valve Drawings
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Standard Valve Head
Kicked Valve Head
M2000 Head

Bolt Pattern Drawings
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Exhaust Gasket High Port
Exhaust Gasket Low Port

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Kicked Head Intake Valve

Rocker Arm Info
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Intake Rocker Ratio Sheet